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پرچم کشور دومینیکا و پاسپورت دومینیکا

Where Is Dominica?

Dominica, officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island country in the Caribbean Sea, its government system is that of parliamentary democracy within the Commonwealth of Nations, based on its constitution which was adopted in 1978. The capital of Dominica island named Roseau is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and Roseau River, and a small part of it is habitable. Dominica’s total population was estimated at nearly 73,000 people, 30,000 of whom live in Roseau. English is the official language, but a French patois is commonly spoken, and the original Carib language is evidenced in several place names. The official currency of Dominica is the East Caribbean dollar (XCD), which is fixed to the US dollar.

Dominica is a member of the Commonwealth, the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the Caribbean Community, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). According to the latest reports published in March 2020, Dominica passport holders can travel to more than 140 countries without a visa, the most important of which are all countries in the Schengen area, England, Russia, Hong Kong, and South Korea. According to the Passport Index website, Dominica’s passport ranks 32nd among 199 countries. Also, according to the Arton index- a comparative tool for ranking residence and citizenship programs based on five factors cost, speed, mobility, quality of life, and simplicity, Dominica’s score is 76.

شهروندی کشور دومینیکا
روزولت اسکریت نخست وزیر دومینیکا

The welcome message by the Honorable “Roosevelt Skerrit”
Prime Minister of Commonwealth of Dominica

We are a nation deeply rooted in community values with a mindset of reciprocity. This is why we invite individuals and families from around the world to invest in our country, and in exchange, we promise to provide them with citizenship of Dominica-a status that comes with a myriad of opportunities that transcend borders.

پاسپورت دومینیکا | شریف تریپ


By choosing Dominica, you can have a second passport while spending less time and money and enjoy its pristine nature and welcoming culture. Since1993, Dominica has presented the citizenship by investment program which allows people to benefit from the advantages of being a Dominican and helping the future of the country at the same time. Dominica’s government runs the program and allows citizens all over the world to benefit from the safety and freedom of this strong and stable country.

Types of investments

Two investment channels, a wealth of opportunity

To become a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica, you must decide how you can help the country in the future. There are two ways to invest:

This option is irreversible cooperation with the government. This method (starting at  100,000 USD) allows applicants to play an important role in building Dominica’s future. In the past, this kind of cooperation has enabled Dominica to support its associations in key infrastructure projects and put the country on a path to greater stability.

100,000 USDInvestment amount for a single applicant
150,000 USDInvestment amount for a couple
175,000 USDInvestment amount for a family of three or four

Dominica Citizenship

once you decide to become a citizen of Dominica, the process is efficient, straightforward, and can be completed with the support of your authorized agent. The Citizenship by investment unit (CBIU), has several licensed agents to support you through this process.

It should be noted that the entire process, including receiving and sending the required documents, is done and followed by Sharif Trip’s professional team.

اخذ شهروندی کشور دومینیکا
امکان سفر با پاسپورت دومینیکا

Travel to more than 140+ countries

Due to strengthening diplomatic relations with most countries of the world and having a powerful passport, Dominica facilitates your international travels. With a Dominica passport, you can travel to over 140 countries, including Schengen areas (Germany, France, Italy, Greece, etc.), England, Russia, China, South Korea, Ukraine, etc., without the need for a travel visa.

A short look at Dominica

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